Massaging By Elephants

Massaging By Elephants! You dont believe this? Just see these pictures. The massaging is available in Phuket, Thailand. Dont be afraid... all are well trained baby elephants.

A girl taking elephant massaging

A girl  enjoying elephant massaging

A small boy enjoying elephant massaging

A little girls enjoying massaging by a baby elephant

This girl enjoys elephant massage

Not afraid of elephant massaging

In the name of massaging, some lady elephants may do have to be careful..
or some mischievous elephant-handlers will insert bananas into the shorts of volunteers who came forward for massaging. When the elephant insert its trunk into the shorts, all the people will laugh.
So if you want to become a volunteer, better you  double check yourself that you are wearing underwear.
This incidence happened to many ladies ....

watch in this video - young  girl being massaged by an elephant . Click here >>

watch in this video - young  girl being massaged by an elephant. click  here >> 

An young girl gets back-massage from an elephant at a wildlife  park in Thailand.
watch this video in youtube :